7 Qualities a Spokesmodel looks for in a Trade show Client

trade show client

Realistic Hours

Let’s face it trade shows can equal sometimes long and arduous days, but 8 hours is enough.  Even the peppiest soul will start petering out in the eleventh hour.  So keep the workday an 8-hour one and you will have a happy camper all week.

Providing Lunch

This is never required, but we always remember those clients that thought enough of us to provide us with lunch.  It is the gesture that means “we care about you and actually think you are a human being” like us!  Not a Barbie that recites jargon all day in robot like fashion.  We are living human beings that get hungry and need to eat and sleep just like the rest.  Providing us lunch saves us time and money and we really appreciate it!

Friendly Staff

So maybe we are the new kids on the block, but don’t treat us like that.  We are forced to learn about the company, culture and product on the spot and present it like experts.  It wold be nice if you could treat us like one of the gang.  Being friendly and approachable goes a long way.  We like to tell our colleagues we have a great trade show client and they are “so nice”.

Timely Pay

We hope to do work that brings us joy, but we all work to pay the bills.  So no matter how much fun we look like we are having, time is money and we expect to be paid in a timely manner.  Within two weeks is fair.  If you are working with an agency keep in mind that the spokesmodels have mouths to feed, bills to pay and we rely on these pay checks to do so.  The quicker you pay, believe me the higher you will rank in our client meter.  Which means a lot!

Training Materials

It never hurts sharing literature and materials prior to the trade show to get familiar with the company we are representing. This helps take the edge off and we can come prepared day 1 with the tools to succeed.

Adequate Breaks

Break time is a must if you want your spokesmodel fresh and in charge. We need water and a make up refresh here and there to keep the leads coming. For an 8-hour day, 1 hour is standard for lunch and a couple 15-minute breaks as needed. Happy model = Happy trade show booth!


We are always happy when our client have the top 6 qualities, but what sets a client above the rest is when we know they will call us back again and again for future shows.  We value loyalty and get excited when we are requested back.  This gives us a chance to build a real relationship and work even harder because we know you like us and appreciate the work we do.

“Be consistent. Little acts create great accomplishments.”

- Uneeka Jay

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