5 Myths About Tradeshow Models

Not a Booth Babe

We Are All Booth Babes

This is my # 1 pet peeve when people think all tradeshow models are well endowed women smiling and hoards of men to entice them to stop at our booth.  No!   Let’s set the record straight.  All spokesmodels are not “booth babes”.  Although there are a few, they are a dying breed.  A spokesmodel has a very important job when representing a company or brand at a tradeshow.  Aside from being beautiful you must be educated, well spoken, outgoing and articulate to interact with some of the most discriminating convention attendees.  You must be quick on your feet to understand about complex industries while having the personality to speak with masses about them as if you were a personal expert. Bam!

The Glamorous Life

Although very interesting, being a spokesmodel is far from glamorous.  A day in the life often consists of long hours on your feet, talking to hundreds of people under bright lights and cool temperatures.  There is also a great deal of rejection when trying to get people to come to your booth who are otherwise preoccupied or just not interested. You have a quick lunch break, but most of the time is on the showroom floor talking to customers and sharing the product message.  This is not a career Fergie would sing about.

Our Job is Easy

Most people assume it’s easy to stand at a booth all day talking to people, but after a few hours you have to pull from your inner cheerleader to keep a smile on your face and keep up the good work.  We are repeating the same information hour after hour with excitement like it’s the best new thing since sliced bread.  We take it seriously so you never see us sweat, but it’s far from “easy”.

We Wake Up Beautiful

Although we look like a million bucks, it takes about that much to keep it up.  Well, not really, but adequate sleep, a solid work out regimen, beauty treatments and a clean diet are just part of the plan.  We all know that we must stay in tiptop shape so work out regularly.  Yoga, Pilates and cardio are usually part of the plan.  You won’t catch us out late partying before or after a show when we know we need our beauty rest to be in tiptop condition.  And lets face it, a little make up goes a long way when all eyes are on us under bright, sometimes unflattering convention lights.  Let’s just say it takes practice, but well worth it.

We Are In The Know

Yes, we have friends, at times we go out, but we are not VIP Club Hosts.  In fact most spokesmodels do not go out at all during the week, because we need our beauty rest to get through the show.  People assume because we are locals we know all of the hot spots and places to go and have access to guest lists and red carpet treatment.  That is just not the case, and certainly not for a stranger we just met.  We are not a concierge and usually have no idea what is going on at night.  It’s frustrating and annoying.  So just don’t ask!

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