Reclaiming Your Passion

Reclaim your Passion
Reclaim your passion

As an artist we are fueled by creativity. It is necessary to survive, like the air we breathe. But, so often I meet people who feel creatively stifled. No longer inspired or in touch with their inner joy and in turn have given up. Having experienced times in my own life where I felt stuck, I searched for the answer as to why we loose touch with the very thing that brings us so much happiness and fulfillment. How to reclaim your passion!


Childhood Dreamer

As children we are free to explore, experiment and experience life without too many distractions. We dream big and buoyantly and feel that nothing can stop us. You ask a young child what they want to be when they grow up, undoubtedly you will here “an astronaut” “a movie star” “the president of the United States”. Nothing seems too big to imagine or dream. As we get older we learn to rationalize our thoughts and make decisions based on our past experiences. Although wisdom can be useful in some situations, our knowledge can sometimes hold us back from the very thing we desire.


Overcoming Fear

We are all born with unique gifts and talents waiting to be expressed and shared with the world. At a young age, I was lucky to have found my passion to perform. I spent my entire youth dancing, acting, writing and being creative. I did what I loved to do and was very lucky. As I got older, more educated and well traveled I started seeing the world through different lenses. I realized that not everyone experienced life in the same way that I did. The everyday pressures of society and life were all consuming. Dreaming and following your passion was not an option for some, but a luxury.


Finding Inspiration

Sometimes we just need a dose of inspiration to fuel our creativity and passion. The pressures of day-to-day life can take us away from the creative gifts we all posses. It is important to take some “me” time to focus on the things we adore and truly enjoy doing. Not just the to-do’s and must haves, but our true hearts desires. This may take a focused effort for some, but scheduling time to do the things you love will surely be worth the effort. If you love to sing and dance, why not purchase tickets to see a musical or play. Enroll in an acting class or participate in local theater. Once you have taken the first step, the rest simply falls into place. I am inspired daily by the people in my life. When I take my ballet classes I practice with all levels and types of dancers. The thing we all have in common is to express ourselves through dance. It’s a beautiful thing. There is inspiration all around us if we choose to focus on it.


Your Support System

It is very important to stay surrounded by people who encourage and inspire your growth and creativity, especially if it’s a new profession or hobby. There is nothing like working hard towards something you really want and have someone tell you that you’ll never make it. Surrounding your self with like minded people who understand and support your endeavors will give you fuel to keep on going and pursue your passion.


Giving Back

I really didn’t realize the true meaning of giving back until I made a conscious decision to do at least one thing per day to help someone else achieve their goals.   I used to think of giving back as community service, volunteering, or tithing at church. The shift I experienced in my life when I started helping others achieve success was immense. The joy and gratification and connectedness I felt was profound. It truly reignited my passion to be of service to others and give back in a bigger way. I now teach acting and help mentor students on a daily basis to succeed. We get so caught up in our lives and personal goals that we can loose sight of the world and bigger picture. I believe that helping others and giving back consistently is the ticket to a passion filled life.


One Step at a Time

Remember that reclaiming your passion may take some getting used to. Like cleaning out an attic that is filled with cobwebs. It may seem scary at first, but as you clear out the clutter, dust off the cobwebs, you may find some hidden treasures you forgot were there. A dear friend of mine reminded me “it’s not where you start, but where you finish”. You must have patience and take your time rediscovering the power that lies within you.   And remember it’s a journey so enjoy the process. Whether it’s reading a new book, taking a class or doing something you never thought possible you will be making great progress and reclaiming your passion!




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