Marketing Essentials for the Professional Trade show Spokesmodel

spokesmodel marketing essentials
Self-promotion is key when building your career as a spokesmodel.  Without the right tools your business is sure to fail.  So let’s get on the right track and break down the exact tools needed to be a success.


We all know that a headshot is essential in every field, but as a spokesmodel it is your calling card.  You will need a database of great photos that showcase your beauty, talent and professionalism.

The Headshot

Which should be close up, just face.  This is where you can really portray a nice smile.

The Business Shot

This is where you are dressed in professional attire ie: a business suit, blazer, dress shirt etc. This will open opportunities for a corporate  client at shows such as CES or VMWORLD

The Full Body Shot

This is where you can showcase your shape wearing something body conscious like swimwear, athletic wear, or something fitted.  If you are a male and have pecks to die for you can go for a shirtless shot.  Women who are bikini ready, this is a great way to showcase your great shape.  Always make the photographs tasteful.  Trashy does not sell when dealing with professional clients who are staffing an event.

The Action Shot

It’s nice to have a variety and although it’s not required having a shot showcasing your talents and abilities is a perk.  Like if you are a professional speaker a photo of you behind a podium or on stage would be great.  If you are an athlete or cheerleader, a photo of you in uniform never hurts.  If you deal a lot with cars, a photo standing next to a car would be great.  You get the point.  The more specific you can be the better.

The Candid Shot

You will want to have some natural candid shots of yourself in case a client wants to see what you look like without make up.  They also want to see photos of you “at work”.  So keep that in mind the next tradeshow or event you book to take a nice photo of yourself working at your booth with the company logo to save on file.  This is an excellent way to showcase your talent and experience. You will need to print at least one headshot with your name on it in case you are called in to an audition.  If you are a model you will also need a ZED card for a go see.  Keep digital files of your images for on-line castings and submissions.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is priceless.  With you tube, vimeo, the vine, etc.. All in the forefront of technology there is no excuse not to have video of you.  If fact, video can be the determining factor when selecting a candidate.  So whether you hire a professional or use your smart phone.  Get something on tape that showcases you!

Demo Reel

This is  the #1 professional way to showcase your talent as a spokesmodel.  Typically a short 1-5 minute montage of video clips of work you have done.  This can include tradeshows where you are presenting a product, commercials, on camera interviews, etc… If you do not have a lot of footage of jobs where you were speaking, bring your camera and start creating content. You will need an editor to put these clips together with a heading and some background music.  This is a worthwhile investment in your career if you really want to be considered for great jobs.

Spokesmodel Slate

This is a quick alternative for a reel if you do not have the time or resources to put one together.  A slate is simply a quick introduction and bio of your self on camera that can be shot professionally or using your smart phone.   “Hi My name is….and I’m from….I am a spokesmodel, actress,  product demonstrator and love all things tech… You get the gist.


Yes, the good old resume is still a critical tool to promote yourself and showcase

your skills, training and most importantly experience.  Break each category down in an easy to read format.  Headings to include:

  1.           Name
  2.           Statistics
  3.           Contact Information
  4.           Education/ Training
  5.           Special Skills
  6.           Experience  -
    •                    Tradeshows
    •                     Promotional events
    •                     Special Events

Business Cards

You are your business and you should conduct yourself as such.  Get nice business cards printed, possibly with your photo on them with your name, email, phone number and web site, if you have one to pass out when networking or you meet a potential client.  This is a sure fire way to show people that you are a serious businessperson looking for work.

Personal Website

For those who really want to take their career to the next level building your own web site is not a bad idea.  In this tech age, having a site that showcases all of your talents in one place is fantastic.  With a click of a mouse they can see you at work, your resume, photos all in one place.  Heading ideas

  1. Biography
  2. Gallery of photos
  3. Booking Options
  4. Experience
  5. Video Clips

On-line Job Portals

As a professional in the trade show and event industry it’s critical to have a strong presence on-line.  There is no better and cost effective way to do this than through industry job boards like Tradeshow Casting.  Tradeshow Casting is an on-line job marketplace connecting companies, agencies and talent on-line direct. Not only can you upload your photos, videos, and experience, but also apply for jobs on one easy to use web platform.  to register, go to


We hope these marketing tools and tips are useful and will help you on your way to building a successful career as a spokesmodel in the trade show and event industry!



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