7 Healthy Habits Of A Performing Artist

Performing Artist
Photo credit: Joe Durkin

The life of a performing artist, whether you are an actor, dancer, musician or model is full of adventure and creativity; but there are a few practices that make the journey a little easier. Here are 7 healthy habits of a performing artist.

1) Practice Makes Perfect

Behind every performing artist are typically years of training and work developing their craft. Whether you are an actor, dancer, or singer, studying your craft is the only way to continue to grow and stay relevant.

2) Marketing Yourself

Talent without exposure is the recipe for a disaster. It is critical to have the tools to share your body of work with the world. There are many on-line tools to promote yourself as a performing artist and start building a following. You do not have to wait until your land your first feature or record contract to start promoting yourself and your talent. The sooner you start the better.

3) Don’t Walk, Dance

Performers don’t walk through life, they dance. Not always literally, but metaphorically. There is a lot of uncertainty and rejection as an artist, you must move through life with a pep in your step and handle situations with grace. Just like watching a prima ballerina execute a complicated dance move. You will never see her sweat. As is dance, so is life.

4) Find Inspiration

Artists thrive on creativity. To keep the well full of inspiration you must always stay open and seek art, beauty and talent, whether it’s seeing a play or listening to live music, taking in a dance performance or simply observing nature. Watching other artists express themselves and share their gifts with the world is an excellent tool to stay inspired.

5) Part Time Work

If you are not yet making full time money as a performing artist, you must find some sort of part time work to supplement your income. Some popular part time jobs include: teaching, trade shows, waiting tables, temping. There is no shame in finding alternate ways to bring in some income while you pursue your dreams.

6) Healthy Living

There are a lot of eyes watching you when you are on stage or on camera, which is why most performers care about the way they look. Keeping a healthy diet and workout regimen is a common habit that most performing artists share.

7) Share the love

We all know it takes a village to succeed in life, which is why it is so important to give back and help others on this journey. Its just good karma. Sharing opportunities and resources will not only help others, but will multiply and come back to you ten fold as you pursue your dreams and need help along the way.

I hope these tips help you as you chase your dreams and share your talents with the world. We are grateful!

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