Treat Your Feet

tradeshow shoes and feet
It’s no myth that working or attending a tradeshow require long hours on your feet.  Whether you are walking the tradeshow floor or parked at a booth your tootsies pay the price in the end.  Here are some tips to keeping your feet happy while you make the most out of your convention 

The Right Shoes

Women + High heels = a love/hate relationship. We love they way they make us look and sometimes just complete our outfit, but with 2 inch or higher you need to find the right pair or you’re  in trouble.

Comfort is key –  Some of my top pics include:

If you cannot part with your favorite shoes, Gel inserts and toe pads can also save your day.  The extra cushion they provide make you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Try:

Give your feet a Break

Even if you have to stand all day or walk a mile through a show, you must give your feet some down time.  I always suggest bringing a comfortable flat as a back up when your feet need a break.  They make the cute fold up ones now that you can fit in your purse.

  1. Switch-a-roo – Wear your comfy shoes from your hotel or home to the show and swap to your dress shoes when you get there.  At lunch switch them again and release the pressure.
  2. Good posture and strong abs will help transfer the pressure from your feet to your core.  Who said beauty was easy?
  3. Take 15 min breaks here and there so you can sit and relax your feet.  If you can find a place to elevate your feet great, if not just cross your legs as that will allow one foot at a time a little break.

Quick Recovery

Regardless what shoe you wear long hours on your feet can cause a lot of pressure and sometimes swollen feet.  Recovering your feet quickly is a must when you have to do it all again the next day.

  • Stock your freezer with 16 oz. water bottles ¾ full in the mornings.  At night, take out one and roll your feet over the frozen bottle like you were walking on a wheelbarrow.  This will quickly stop the inflammation and swelling and feel mighty nice on your feet.
  • Lay on your back with your legs up and your butt against the wall for about 10 minutes.  This position will allow all of the blood that has gone to your feet and calves to release and decrease the pain
  • Soak your feet.  A warm Epsom foot soak always helps with sore feet.  Throw in some lavender oil or suds and you will feel calm as well.

These tips should provide some comfort and relief when your day gets long and your feet get tired! For more information on how to get work in the trade show and event industry click here!

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