The Spokesmodels Guide to Staying Young and Beautiful


Eat to Live

You are what you eat, so think carefully before you indulge in something you wouldn’t want to be.  A fresh organic filled spokesmodel diet with delicious fruits, vegetables, lean meats, low carbs and lots of greens are essential to looking and feeling beautiful.

  1. 50% raw – try and consume at least 50% raw organic fruits and vegetables to cleanse the system and lighten the load
  2. Low Carb-  Although bread and pasta can be delicious, in moderation is the way to go.  Gluten free is even better to help prevent inflammation.
  3. Portion Control – Eat until you are satisfied not stuffed to the brim
  4.  If you are going to eat meat let it be lean hormone free and organic.  Moderation is key.
  5. Avoid refined sugars, saturated fats, artificial colors and sweeteners at all costs.   You will be thanking yourself in years to come.

Love Your Body

Staying fit is not only to look beautiful, but also to live a long life. You must create a solid workout regimen that you will stick to if you want that youthful effervescence and physique.

  1. Mark your calendar – Schedule your workout like an important appointment.  Try and fit in at least 3 workouts a week, more if possible.  This will make it a priority, not an after thought.
  2. Do what you love- whether you like to run, swim,dance, or lift weights create a work out routine that inspires you to keep it up and push your limits.
  3. Set goals – If you have a desired weight or area you want to improve, set milestones to measure your success.   Get those endorphins working and blood pumping for a heart healthy life!


Our body is our temple so we must treat it with kindness.  What you put on your body is as important as what you put in your body.  Clean organic skin care is essential to clear, healthy, beautiful skin.

  1. Moisture, moisture, moisture- Keeping your skin moisturized is essential to beautiful skin.   You must lather your face and body daily with organic clean lotion and creams.  Vitamin E is also very nice for that supple tight skin.
  2. Drink plenty of water-  You should be consuming at least 50% in oz. of your body weight daily.  Ex: if you weigh 120 lbs, you should be drinking a minimum of 60 oz of water per day.
  3. Frequent facials and clay masks help to purge any impurities and give your face that youthful glow.

Mind Control

Happy people really are more beautiful. You must manage your thoughts and feed your mind with positivity and affirmations.  You are what you think so be positive, optimistic and free of negative thinking.

  1. Meditation-  Give yourself  from 5-15 minutes per day where you sit quietly and free your mind of any thoughts.  Allow peace and joy to take over and inspire you
  2. Affirmations-  This is when you speak a carefully formatted statement that is present tense, positive, personal and specific.  “I love myself”
  3. Nurture your spirit – Pray, dream, love and worship a higher power if you believe in one.  Embrace the wonder of the world and all of its beauty.
  4. Gratitude-  Giving thanks for all you have is the key to happiness and peace of mind.  Write in a gratitude journal daily for all of your blessings and well- being.  It will surely multiply

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